Sustainable Land Management

This working field comprises all the natural resources and the ecosystems and their interactions with agroecosystems, understanding the term ‘soil’ as “a definable area of land surface which comprises all the attributes of the immediate biosphere above and below this surface, including those climatic attributes which are close to the surface, the soil and the territorial forms, the hydrological network – including lakes, rivers, wetlands and morasses-. The subterritorial water associated and the geochronological reserves, the animal and plant populations and the physical results of past and present human activity – terraces, hydraulic structures, ways, etc.” (FAP/UNEP, 1997).
We further the communities’ capacities and the agricultural organizations in order to exercise a better control and more coherent management of the natural resources, aiming at sustainability and based on auto-management as well as the deveoplement of knowledge and skills, locally accepted institutions and technologies.