Our knowledge. Medicinal plants


Even though the knowledge about plants might be limited, people usually recognize a large number of plants and their medicinal use, but they are not commonly used. Furthermore, there are occasionally preferences of the use of allopathic medicine. In mountain regions, the medical services are not always available and at times nor are the necessary medicines. Thus, for some years, Tonchintlán’s women have been anxious to know about the usage of various medicinal plants and prepare medicine of low cost which they could have at hand. Those medicines are mainly applied with external consumables, which is why we want to strengthen the women’s knowledge about medicinal plants, mainly of their community, and their region. Aditionally, the work of the groups working with medicinal plants is a place where women spend time, voice their concerns and construct scenarios of possibilities.

The Project’s Objective

Recover and take advantage of people’s knowledge about the usages of various medicinal plants of their communitiy.


Assessment of one’s own knowledge about medicinal plants within a space that enables the participation of women and has a positive impact on the identification of necessities and solutions to various health aspects.


Currently, there are approximately 25 women participating in the two bordering communities: Tonchintlán and Ixotitlán

2016 Objectives

Realization of a herbarium-recipe-book in order to initiate the documentation process. To begin with, we aim at the socialization of the women’s knowledge and above all at the systematization of said information that enables to make it accessible if needed.

  • Put into practice a botanic press and necessary data about the medical plants.
  • Correct assembly of the examples within the herbatorium.
  • When is the best moment to collect the plants?
  • Extracts.
  • Presentation of work to the community.
  • The tokens will be captured electronically by a youth from the community of Tonchintlán. Similarly, the living examples will be photographed in order to have, besides a physical herbarium/recipe-book, an electronic one. We aim at the systematization as a base for future work which should not just be done during the project, but continue with every new example people of the community get to know continously.